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The Airway Course Designed Specifically for BLS  providers

This one-day course is designed for Basic and Intermediate EMS providers and other medical professionals who may be required to manage a patient's airway before transport to a hospital. This course can also be tailored for dentists and office-based physicians.This course is taught by an experienced faculty who know the unique challenges facing EMS providers. Every medical provider who touches a patient's airway can make a huge difference in the patient's outcome. Opening the airway and facilitating gas exchange are absolutely critical steps to successful airway management."

Gain Critical Airway Knowledge and skills 

  • Airway Anatomy

  • ​Techniques for opening the airway

  • Proper BMV techniques

  • External Laryngeal Manipulation (ELM)

  • Extraglottic Devices

  • Assisting with intubation

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