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Emergency Medical Services

We can provide you with the following services:

Air Ambulance | Medevac
  • Preflight medical assessment.

  • Language translation.

  • Medical clearance from different authorities.

  • Well-trained medical flight, Paramedics, Doctors or Nurses.

  • Dedicated air ambulance planes.

  • Medical ground ambulance arrangements.

  • From bed to bed services

Medical Escort on a Commercial Flight

This type of service is focused on medically stable patients who are travelling on commercial flights; these are patients that might need help with basic monitoring, medication, oxygen administration, and any other related assistance.

More information regarding the Medical Escort Service is highlighted below:

  • It’s a bed-to-bed flight escort service, one of our well-trained and experienced medical expert will be sent to help the patient in each step.

  • We offer Seating Assignments and Priority Boarding for our patients.

  • Assistance with receiving and arranging facility when required.

  • We offer help with ground transportation, booking, and special security considerations, which include oxygen supplies, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment.

  • This services is always less expensive and affordable for many people

Ambulance Transport

We have been working in the prehospital services ground and air ambulances for the last 20 years. Our experts will be able to help you and offer you  modern, fully certified, and fully equipped ambulance crew and ground ambulances that aid with transporting all your patients from the hospital to hospital or to the Aircraft without considering the location/distance.  

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